Srmthfg season 5 fanfiction

This is the episode 2 of the season 5, i dont own srmthfg chiros pov i was telling the rest of the monkeys about what antauri and i saw yesterday. Chiros girl depths of fear magnetic menace the sun riders secret of the sixth monkey pit of doom thingy flytor a man named krinkle ape new world circus of ooze hidden fortress skeleton king. I changed the idea a bit so i recomed you not to read. These moments we cherish, a super robot monkey team fanfic. Spoilers for the show as these stories take place after the season 4.

We split up the characters with myself playing antauri, nova, skeleton. Super robot monkey team fanfiction archive fanfiction. D and to the srmthfg discord, this is dedicated to you. Of course, he ended up being a very popular fan character to srmthfg and i love all my brain babies. It starts right after the end of season 4 and beings with the team preparing to fight the skeleton kings army. The answer lies in the history that was written series. If there ever was a new season to come out, this would sure take the cake. After the first and unsuccessful attempt to take over and destroy shuggazoom, the evil skeleton king decided to act differently. To make things worse, the worms skeleton king began to raise are loose across the universe. Gibson was fixing antauris foot and otto was fixing the super robot. Sk is back, and with a new body, stronger than ever. Half fanfiction and half original work rapenoncon elements fatherhood fatherdaughter relationship. Contains loads and loads of pairings, both of canon characters and fan characters.

This fanfic is mine variation of beginning of story in super robot monkey team hyper force go, one of the most underrated. Master storyteller will bring you the 5th season in a fanfic version in full force. Chelsea and the hyper force have finally defeated skeleton king, but chelsea has to be able to find some way to get her voice back. Srmthfgclub fans united to save season 5 view badges.

This is my take on what season 5 wouldve been, plugging plotholes and making sense out of a series that left us all hanging. I dont own srmthfg and i dont write very well english. I changed the idea a bit so i recomed you not to read after chapter 3 till i. Ok so this is my first try at writing a fanfic for srmthfg. And, best of all, our own version of the events after the season four finale. The first part of his new operation was the installation of a huge reservoir of resin under the city, for an unknown purpose. Hes going into a new story to become more original since id rather not let him go like all the other fan characters.

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