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Alpha protocol wiki is a community site about the upcoming espionage rpg by obsidian entertainment that anyone can contribute to. However, there are a few who are reporting that alpha protocol cant launch and refuses to start, while others report performance issues with the game. Its huge in scope, certainly does offer you the ability to progress through it in distinct ways, and contains a ton of interesting relationships and witty characters. A cold, cunning and extremely dangerous head of a large mafia, brayko is the person of interest michael searches for when he finds how moscow was used as the shipping route for the missiles. If you allied with heck before the mission he will have helped you out by sending over some dodgy drugs for brayko s consumption. For this protocol you will just need 2 sets of energy enhancer patches and an aeon patch. Read on for the full guide of how to, in alpha protocol, defeat brayko. Speaking of the brayko fight, your ally from earlier in the mission should.

The boss fights in this game are ing impossible alpha protocol. Sep 25, 2011 these things are great once you put points in em. Taipei is less hectic in comparison to moscow, with only one true boss fight occurring, against the mysterious double agent omen deng. Jun 01, 2010 obsidians 2010 release alpha protocol is the best bad game that i have ever played, though the game deadly premonition is a close second, in part because of its completely underwhelming technology for a 2010 release but mostly because alpha protocol presents several very interesting and fun aspects to gameplay and story progression that. Think the hardest part for me is just that the fight tends to get really chaotic.

With his henchmen around, its really easy to run into a situation where youre facing some horrendous crossfire from brayko and the other guys, or that brayko manages to slice you up when youre busy trying to take out another dude. Apparently, this is a glitch that you can avoid by walking right into the embassy and talking to the whoever is on guard but i hope they fix it somehow ifwhen they patch. Agree to betray your country alpha protocol when he asks during the endgame. You get a sense of what the big picture should have been, but the final product is still.

Playing alpha protocol is like putting together a 5,000piece jigsaw puzzle with 500 pieces missing. A talented young agent cast out by his government, thorton is the only one with the information needed to stop an impending international catastrophe. Lifewave patches protocols lifewave patching community. You can choose to act like this towards madison, one of the possible love interests, if you want. A talented young agent cast out by his government, thorton is the only one with the information needed to stop an impending international. Alpha protocol was pulled due to music licensing, not a remaster. Rick james isnt a participant in the fight because i cant recall any combat feats for him off the top of my head, and doomrider isnt a participant because hed kind of kick both of theirs asses. No bomb sabotage and no way to save both hostage and data on my playthru.

The player assumes control of agent michael thorton, a new recruit at a clandestine united states agency called alpha protocol, which is given unlimited resources to conduct covert operations on behalf of the. During the first phase of the fight, being maxed out on martial arts, i stuck up as close as possible and wailed on him, but then im also maxing out toughness and buying the best armor i can get. Lurker 5 evade or takedown 75 enemies across your career. For alpha protocol on the xbox 360, a gamefaqs message board topic titled how do i beat brayko.

In moscow during the assault of braykos mansion, the player could get into a situation where a door would not be openable preventing progression through the rest of the level. If he explains how surkov is actually the one doing the missile deal, then you get the mission and you can fight championchik. In moscow during the assault of brayko s mansion, the player could get into a situation where a door would not be openable preventing progression through the rest of the level. If youve discovered a cheat youd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please. Alpha protocol is a thirdperson action game running on unreal engine 3. Reactivity questions spoilers alpha protocol message. Up to that point id only been dying once every few missions, but ive died about 5 or 6 times trying to get past. Might be the best boss fight music i have heard in any game so far. After a quite interesting intro and a short conversation, you will begin a rock fight with brayko. The first set of energy enhancer will go to a very popular acupoint location 4 fingers below your knee. Why not just give him less health if im not a very good fighter. After discussing the arms deal with surkov, thorton confronts brayko in his mansion.

Keeping the peace 25 you prevented a riot from killing hundreds in taipei. Ill try to limit myself to significant changes in the ways things play out. The problem is that this highly fucked over unarmedstealth builds, since brayko would kick your ass if. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for alpha protocol for pc. Assault brayko s mansion is a mission in the moscow hub.

Use the door leading to the bigger room in order to begin the fight with this missions first moss m21a, 21. However, alpha protocol isnt an openended game like fallout, where i. Also, you can pay steven heck to spike brayko s cocaine in the intel menu of the computer screen. Shame that the game is having so many technical problems nothing that cant be solved with a good patch, though. The op center stories and strategies spoiler warning. Its not a big patch, but amongst other things, it removes the games copy protection. Once hes established himself, he sets himself to fight against americas enemies, and going into further detail would involve spoilers.

Here you can find mission walkthroughs, weapons, armor, characters, locations, news and more. If you kill brayko before extracting the information from him or finish the conversation without doing so in the prior mission, then this mission will be skipped. Defeating brayko in alpha protocol game remote mines are a great way of getting rid of his armour bar before unloading on him. There is a separate article detailing this fight, which is split into three stages, providing alpha protocol boss tips in a more abundant word countwise fashion. Intercept surkov at us embassy alpha protocol wiki fandom. Infiltrate brayko s mansion, reach brayko, and find out what he knows about halbech and the missiles. I already beat alpha protocol, but my route was moscow, rome, and taipie. A game that unfortunately went under the radar for most gamers, alpha protocol 2 is phenomenal, case and point. Alpha protocol moscow boss walkthrough konstantin brayko. Alpha protocol the game, not the organization hasnt had smashing critical or financial success, but it definitely has its own individual charm. The boss fight with him involved in him being high to the point that it would make a whale see jesus. May 30, 2010 i saw my thorton as a vet and patriot whod hate the idea of killing u.

Brayko leaves the stage after a set amount of damage. The love scene begins if you have a high reputation with madison and choose to talk to her and comfort her about recent events. Judge, jury, and executioner 15 let your gun do the talking. This patch addresses issues with game installation, activation and some other minor technical problems. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for alpha protocol for xbox 360. Hack into the local computers to gain new intel on alpha protocol m21a, 7 and henry leland m21a, 8. Alpha protocol spoilers choices and consequences rpgnet. If youve discovered a cheat youd like to add to the page, or have a correction. Alpha protocol ot bourne, avellone, denton, and the agency. From what i can find, there doesnt seem to be anything, but no hurt in asking. Next rome the hideout prev moscow assault brayko s mansion. Museum wings spoilers alpha protocol message board for pc.

When shooting brayko on the stage, use weaker ammo in order to save steel rounds or adps. They make bosses way easier to fight as long as you put points into them. When the fight starts, toss and flash up there, followed by a incendary i think i spelled that wrong, but close enough and then unload rounds into him as he burns. Talking to him can get you another mission before leaving moscow. Unfortunately, the sticking point is that alpha protocol was published by sega.

Very easy btw, just back up to the stairs, for some reason he. Theres no notice of this put up anywhere but sega appears to have released patch 1. To resolve activation issues, pc copy protection has been removed. During the first phase of the fight, being maxed out on martial arts, i snuck up as close as possible and wailed on him, but then im also maxing out toughness and buying the best armour i can get. Scroll down to read our guide named dialog choices guide for alpha protocol on xbox 360 x360, or click the above links for more cheats. Alpha protocol was pulled due to music licensing, not a. Konstantin brayko is a major character in alpha protocol, appearing as the main though not necessarily final boss fight in the moscow hub. Steam on alpha protocol pc message board and forum page 1. Alpha protocol konstantine brayko kills sergi surkov.

Alpha protocol is an action roleplaying game developed by obsidian entertainment and published by sega. I killed brayko sob used to pimp out his sisters, he deserved it but after i made him talk. Alpha protocol is a game with enormous spirit, and little delivery. Complete alpha protocol on hard difficulty setting. Konstantin brayko s boss fight in particular is amazing.

Alpha protocol how to defeat brayko or killing brayko guide. It had gone entirely unplayed until, in november, while bored during a particularly bad week at school, i sat down in my dorm and decided to tackle it. Even if this mission is unlocked, this mission does not need to be. The protagonist and newest recruit for alpha protocol. If you think brayko is bad, wait until you fight the helicopter at the end of the game.

It was released for microsoft windows, playstation 3, and xbox 360 in may 2010. Dialog choices guide guide for alpha protocol on xbox. Walkthrough moscow prevent surkovs escape moscow alpha protocol guide. Im level 15 in hard difficuty, and i have upgraded pistol, stealth and martial arts. Since he was conditioned to never question his orders, he failed to realize that leland was manipulating alpha protocol. Cheatbook is the resource for the latest cheats, tips, cheat codes, unlockables, hints and secrets to get the edge to win. Alpha protocol is an action roleplaying game developed by obsidian entertainment and. Combat is somewhat similar to mass effect in that you shoot from over the shoulder, use cover to avoid enemy fire and have special abilities unlocked through character progression such as a temporary dramatic increase to your melee damage, or the ability to slow down time. For alpha protocol on the xbox 360, dialog choice guide by sandman100887. Fix alpha protocol stuttering and not starting problems. Head to the nearby control room m21a, 20 and pick up the grenades lying there. May 31, 2010 fortunately, unlike most of the big name releases recently, alpha protocol isnt plagued by freezes and random crashes and most of the players have no problems with the game.

I agree with oblarg, the moscow boss fight with the 80s music had me grinning ear to ear. For alpha protocol on the playstation 3, a gamefaqs message board topic titled easier way to beat brayko. Said story has a frankly staggering amount of mutability with its choices and story paths, such as. Ending for bumbling recruit mike involved mike and heck assaulting alpha protocol, with westridge getting away and marburg walking out on leland. My mike had patched things up with brayko by letting him have surkov, so when they showed up they fought on my side.

Use incendiary grenades on them, you will come across similar items soon enough. Use the chance to take the briefcase with info on brayko m9, 5 and patch up your. In general, the only things that change between endings are the final boss fight and some minor conversations. Alpha protocol defeat brayko with this boss battle guide brayko has two distinct patterns of attack during the disco room boss fight. Players can choose to, in alpha protocol, defeat brayko or go one step further by killing brayko in his disco room boss battle. Forced to go rogue when the agency betrays him under halbechs orders. After the fight you can either kill him or let him live. All discussions screenshots artwork broadcasts videos. Alpha protocol at fallout3 nexus mods and community. Alpha protocol is an action roleplaying game played from a thirdperson perspective. Alright those of you who had to mess around with this boss for nearly 2 hours like me i hope you will find this guide usefull. Jan 15, 2011 sung survived, madison died, brayko got shot in the forehead, riots were rampant in taipei, g22 destroyed the embassy in moscow, and the vci stormed brayko s mansion.

Prevent surkovs escape is a mission in the moscow hub. Loyalty carries a price and no one knows this more than agent michael thorton. Use the chance to take the briefcase with info on brayko m9, 5 and patch up your character. Snowflame dc vs konstantine brayko alpha protocol discussion in vs. From what ive gathered from the official forums, the veteran is able to do more actions in certain points of the game brayko s mansion is one of those places, really curious if the. What i find even stranger is that nobody has made an unofficial patch for the game yet like the patches that were made for oblivion and the s. Edit what was the original music intended to be agent nelson. I know its rough around the edges, but didnt know if there was anything out there that would help it. Place the energy enhancer white patch 4 fingers below your right knee and the energy enhancer tan or brown patch 4 fingers below your left knee. Players assume control of michael thorton, a secret agent who must travel around the world as he unravels a conspiracy that threatens his safety. You only fight him if youre taking down alpha protocol for leland or shaheed. May 27, 2010 alpha protocol is an espionagethemed thirdperson action rpg developed by obsidian and published by sega for the xbox 360, playstation 3, and pc on june 1, 2010 may 28, 2010 in europe. Many sales ago, i picked up alpha protocol on steam. This one actually lists some fixes and removes the copy protection.

If you want to beat him, use your special abilities and special. How come i cant drop the stage lights on brayko by sabotaging them. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for alpha protocol for playstation 3. Im finding it very difficult to get through the brayko boss fight in alpha protocol. I would be much apreciated if you added your own screeniesas i realy havent given alot of this my attention in gameand feel free to comment. Ladies man 10 romance all the ladies in alpha protocol in a single career. Moscows last boss fight alpha protocol general discussions. Walkthrough moscow assault brayko s mansion moscow alpha protocol guide. In moscow during the assault of brayko s mansion, the player could. You can begin this mission only if you gained info on surkov after defeating brayko the assault brayko s mansion mission. This is mostly due to the story which is interesting, complex, and discusses a lot of real world themes like america saves the day.

Alpha protocol letters 4 plot thickeners ludonarratology. Assault braykos mansion alpha protocol wiki fandom. D the music was so diverse throughout the game and fitted perfectly with what was going on, very well done. After sie and gregori, sega introduces henry leland, who will be our weapons dealer in alpha protocol. Taking place in the near future, players control michael thorton, a secret. May 23, 2010 when i returned as an adult i played about 10 different pc games over a 2 year period and every single one had problems. Alpha protocol is an espionage rpg developed by obsidian entertainment and released in may 2010 for the pc, xbox 360 and playstation 3. This guide should help you defeat the boss of the moscow levels in alpha protocol konstantin brayko. Obsidian, bless their hearts, went with a publisher that has implemented denuvo into many of their recent releases. There are a couple of other situations in alpha protocol like this, but marburg was at least defeatable for me.

Find all the latest alpha protocol pc game mods on. Brayko was a drug dealer trying to sell arms who used lots of cocaine. Operation blood feud 75g complete operation blood feud. Whether or not you get the contact surkov at moscow office mission or the assault brayko s mansion after finishing this mission depends on the way you talk to surkov after saving him. Scale, however, alpha protocol comes out on the good end every time i go back to it.

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