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Architecture citrix virtual channel sdk for citrix receiver. Citrix xendesktop architecture and implementation on proliant. Aug 28, 2017 one thing led to another, so i wrote various articles on printing, including version 1. Fma is the underlying architecture which defines and allows interoperability and management modularity across citrix application and desktop virtualization technologies. Citrix xendesktop architecture deep dive part three. Xendesktop architecture essential elements for xendesktop site are one or more controllers citrix license server web interface site database desktop studio and desktop director regardless of size of the deployment, a xendesktop site also requires. Citrix xenapp architecture on vsphere provides background on citrix xenapp architecture and the. Virtual apps and desktops xenapp and xendesktop service. Reference architecturebased design for 4000 seat virtual.

Xendesktop and xenmobile reference architecture citrix. Since there are many ways to configure acrobat products as well as citrix servers, these instructions are intended as basic examples. Management architecture, the most flexible solution for app and desktop. Flashstack converged infrastructure solution design. The managing app and desktop solutions with citrix xenapp and xendesktop 7. This video provides an architectural overview and introduces the different components of. Citrix xenapp architecture on vsphere provides background on citrix. Architectural overview figure 1 shows all of the main features of the ibm smartcloud desktop infrastructure sdi reference architecture with citrix xendesktop. Integration of citrix xendesktop and xenapp with cloudstack. Based on the locations defined for each user group, the following diagram depicts the access layer. This document is intended for it architects who want to deliver secure business mobility for their organizations. The audience is both internal and external customers.

The importance of the modular architecture is each organization can select the most appropriate flexcast option and easily integrate into the overall architecture. Autoaligned 512byte architecture eliminates storage alignment headaches. This compatibility is reflected not only in architecture, but also in licensing. Independent computing architecture a presentation services protocol, used to present input keystrokes, mouse clicks etc. A brief visual overview of xendesktop 7 xenapp and xendesktop are now one. The ultimate citrix printing internals cheat sheet version 2. When designing a citrix xendesktop solution, it is important to take into account how xendesktop with provisioning server will interact with an organizations existing critical infrastructure and services. Virtual apps and desktops xenapp and xendesktop service architecture poster. For a deployment utilizing citrix cloud, use the xenapp and xendesktop service architecture poster focusing on citrix virtual apps and desktops for many years, i hear certain questions over and over again. Citrix xenapp architecture components investigation. Developers can use virtual channels to add functionality to clients. Virtual apps and desktops xenapp and xendesktop architecture.

Xendesktop team had an excellent dialog with cloudstack engineers within citrix this allowed for some more streamlined integration patterns, compared with aws api to reset machines to their base template, or update to a new one in situ create machines in stopped state implicit dedication 16k user data allowance. Citrix xendesktop is a suite of desktop virtualization products from software provider citrix systems. Contractors are hired to work on an internal project. Domain controller running active directory virtual desktops managed by a. Xendesktop vdi for small medium enterprise deployment. However smartphones and tablets bring another dimension to endpoint devices. The book starts by walking you through the xendesktop architecture and the troubleshooting toolkit for citrix xendesktop.

Once this product hits the market, we will post a follow up to this blog post. I thought it would be nice to have a single source for this technical information, which is why i created the citrix virtual apps and desktops architecture poster pdf file source files. Citrix xendesktop flashstack component and connectivity diagram. Citrix xendesktop product overview derive technologies. Citrix netscaler and citrix xendesktop 7 deployment guide. Citrix xendesktop vdi with dell storage sc4020 allflash. This paper focuses only on app volumes in a xendesktop environment. Citrix has since announced the rerelease of xenapp as xenapp 7. Inside citrix the flexcast management architecture bas van kaam. Citrix xenapp architecture on vsphere provides background on citrix xenapp architecture and the rationale for deploying on vmware vsphere. A rich set of capabilities and a flexible architecture enable it to be more agile in meeting the needs of a rapidly changing workplace. Ica file a file used with the independent computing architecture, which contains configuration information enabling a client to connect to a server.

The scope of the citrix xendesktop 4 platinum edition toe excludes some applications that are bundled in the citrix xendesktop 4 platinum edition product. Vmware esx host best practices for citrix xenapp provides proven vmware best practices for. Citrix virtual apps formerly citrix xenapp architecture. Xendesktop with flexcast technology and citrix receiver provide a key component of the mobile workspace, allowing users to connect from any device. Managing app and desktop solutions with citrix xenapp and xendesktop 7. For a deployment utilizing citrix cloud, use the xenapp and.

I try to lanch via legacy support option which is enable in the configuration but when i launch pr. Citrix xendesktop product overview introducing xendesktop, built on the flexcast management architecture. The first stage of the xendesktop architecture is getting virtual desktops online. Oct 04, 2017 ive seen separate diagrams answering these questions, but they are usually buried in an appendix of a very long paper. In a traditional pc workstation environment, users have a virtually unlimited ability to install or remove software. The goal of this integration note is to describe citrix xendesktop technology, architecture, and implementation on proliant servers. Office workers typically work from the office but require the ability to work from home on occasion. I, like many of you, started with onpremises deployments and am witnessing a growing shift towards cloud deployments. Security secure by design xendesktop reduces the risk.

Troubleshooting citrix xendesktop is a single resource guide that will help you dig deep into all the technical issues you encounter to resolve them using an autonomous and welldefined approach. Acrobat products support citrix server to windows machines. Citrix xendesktop delivers windows apps and desktops with the best cost, performance and security for every business need. The vmfs file system was created by vmware to allow multiple vsphere hosts to read. The above graphic provides an overview of the flashstack architecture, and illustrates the cabling requirements for citrix xendesktop configuration.

Xendesktop addresses a broad range of use cases by delivering a full desktop or just an application based on an individual employees role or device. Edgesight performance management, edgesight network analysis machine catalog desktops and applications. The data collector refers to the idle desktop thresholds and determines current availability. A robust platform for consolidation of legacy block storage, fileservers, and. Dell emc storage spaces direct s2d ready nodes for citrix. Do you have an conceptual architecture drawing for a citrix virtual apps and desktops onpremises deployment.

Jan 09, 2018 to help all of us techies better understand the citrix virtual apps and desktops service in citrix cloud, im happy to announce the citrix virtual apps and desktops service architecture poster. Citrix does not create or distribute ica files for this purpose. The framework provides a foundation to understand the technical architecture for the most common virtual desktopapplication deployment scenarios. A citrix independent computing architecture ica virtual channel is a bidirectional errorfree connection for the exchange of generalized packet data between a server running citrix xenapp and a client device. Citrix xenserver, citrix xenapp, citrix access gateway. A pooled desktop is provided because their endpoint devices are untrusted and they will require certain levels of access. And for those of you who want the original diagrams, ive added them into the latest revision of the citrix visio stencils. Reference architecturebased design for implementation of citrix. Aspen systems is a southern california citrix partner xendesktop 7 loginvsi. Smartphone users want access to mail, web sites, and files, but access from untrusted devices can raise serious. Citrix vdi handbook and best practices citrix docs. Hello, is it possible to enable custom ica files from xendesktop 7. Some of the citrix documentation content is machine translated for your convenience only.

Ibm smartcloud desktop infrastructure with citrix xendesktop. Independent management architecture as well as on the fma flexcast management. Oct 16, 20 hi people, i just wondering if the following deployment diagram is make sense and possible to be implemented as the vdi to server 50 remote users maximum not the whole company. Implementation considerations for vmware app volumes in a. Citrix xenappxendesktop architecture and communication. This video contains the typical architecture of citrix xenapp and xendesktop 7. Apr 18, 2018 since the features of both xendesktop and xenapp are managed with the same architecture, it is possible to implement both solutions and utilize them under a single management system. Figure 10 above captures the architectural diagram for the purpose of this study. First of four videos describing the xenapp and xendesktop admin experience. Xendesktop 7 in traditional business environments, workers suffer from productivity loss in many ways, including downtime during pc refreshes, patches and updates, or simply when they are away from the office. Common criteria security target for citrix xendesktop 7. Xendesktop enterprise and platinum licenses are both compatible with xenapp. The initial idea of using xd7 with xenapp is to be able to provide the users ability to work in case the head quarter.

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